The timeless principles of community oriented town planning that have made cities like Charleston, SC and Orvietto, Italy places of art, culture, and community, were employed in this town plan and Arts Center in Anacortes, WA.


The city of Anacortes, WA (pop. 17,000), is home to multiple marinas, a vibrant artistic culture, recreational activites, vast forestland, and a strong boat building industry.  While it retains some principled planning, building practices of the second half of the 20th century have overlooked holistic urbanism.  Recognizing that every artifice in a given locale plays a vital role in shaping its built environment, the following master plan focuses on visual and spatial connections to major community buildings within a quarter-mile radius of the downtown and its marina.  The Arts Center, which includes a 500-seat and 150-seat theater, an art gallery, a banqueting and dance facility, and a conference center, is designed with time-tested principles that strive towards function, beauty, durability, meaning, and sustainability within a walkable, mixed-use environment.


Advisor: Michael Lykoudis