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About Us

Our unique approach to placemaking brings together modern needs and lifestyles with classic humanist/ naturalist aesthetics. 

Through careful attention to proportion and detail, we develop unique character in the structures and places that we design—bringing together craft and artistry with contemporary technology. 

From traditional and transitional to minimalist articulation (and everything in between), our classical training and rich experiences imbue value, durability, and timelessness in the homes, buildings, interiors, squares, and streetscapes that we create.  

Sustainable design is embedded in our processes.  From broad stroke site orientation to the fine points of insulation material, sustainability influences everything that we do, including (especially) timeless design that emphasizes both material and aesthetic durability.

Our office in Pike Place Market in Seattle, WA reminds us of the richness of artesian craft and the potential for architecture to connect and enhance the human experience.

Luke Golesh's unique design sensibility stems from a diverse range of experiences, study in Europe, and education.  Uniquely qualified to produce timeless contemporary structures, Luke blends the artistry and rigor of classical design with the modern needs of today—employing the principals of proportion and aesthetically pleasing details to traditional and minimalist projects alike.

With the first project he worked on published in Architectural Digest, the standards were set high early on.  From ocean front residences to New Urbanist town center buildings, Luke worked four years absorbing the architectural rigor of Scott Merrill, a Driehaus prize winner, town planner, and architect of numerous notable homes and town centers including several of international renown.  After working on large modern projects in large teams at the award winning firm Integrus Architecture, Luke worked as project manager at McRoberts Associates—classical and gothic architectural experts.

Luke's four months abroad studying extraordinary architecture in Europe had a profound impact on his design sensibilities.  He graduated top of his Masters class from the University of Notre Dame School of Architecture and was published several times in the annual publication of exemplary work.

While attending Notre Dame, Luke worked with many notable architects and architectural scholars including Krupali Uplekar Krusche, Duncan Stroik, and Thomas Gordon Smith.  Prior to graduate school, he graduated in the Betta Gamma Sigma Honor Society from Gonzaga University with a degree in Business Administration, Finance, and a rich course load that included Art and Philosophy. Luke also owned a small construction company which he operated in the summers of his undergraduate education—giving him a (rare) hands-on perspective when working with contractors and craftspeople.

Portrait of Luke Golesh, architect, interior designer, & town planner at Golesh Architecture watercoloring

Luke Golesh, AIA

Architect, Interior Designer, Town Planner

Founder & Principal

Hailing from New York City, Jennifer Pepe's 10 years in the architectural profession began at the prestigious classical design firm of international renown, Ferguson and Shamamian. Her engaging personality and experience make her well suited for client centric interior and architectural design.


Prior to her work experience, Jennifer prospered in the graduate school at the University of Notre Dame, spending a semester in the heart of Rome, Italy.  She earned the highest accolade for classical design on her thesis project while graduating with a Master of Architecture.  Prior to her graduate studies, Jennifer received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design from Syracuse University.

Portrait of Jennifer Pepe, architect and interior designer at Golesh Architecture

Jennifer Pepe, RA

Architect, Interior Designer

Project Manager

Mary Rowe's wide range of experience and talent make her uniquely qualified for complex projects both large and small.  After studying architecture at the University of Virginia, which included study abroad in Venice, Italy, Mary gained valuable experience while working with KAW Architecten in the Netherlands.

Upon moving back to the states, Mary worked at several renowned architecture firms on wide ranging projects including a children's museum, a school, and the Bill Clinton Presidential Library.

After graduating with a Masters in Architecture from the University of Washington, Mary gained valuable experience at the Miller Hull Partnership before moving to London, England.

After absorbing the architecturally rich cities of Europe, Mary moved back to the Seattle area where she worked on a wide range of projects from cabins and residences to offices and large/ complex schools.

Portrait of Mary Rowe, architect at Golesh Architecture

Mary Rowe, aia csi


Project Manager

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