This is a proposal for a kindergarten through twelfth grade school (one classroom per grade) for the Gesu Church in downtown Miami.  Our proposal developed on what is today a parking lot to the east (and back) of the church.  The Church and rectory are existing buildings (with the pink facades) and my proposal is directly east.  K-8 is on the first two floors and 9-12 is on the third (with labs on the second and third floors).  Administrative offices occupy either side of the large arcuated entrance on their respective floors.  The octagonal entrance is the primary public lobby for the auditorium with access to the gallery.  A double-height library occupies the second and third floors above the auditorium and sets up the ionic order in the courtyard.  A music room and reading room occupy the octagonal building on the second and third floors respectively with a double height chapel at its peak.  The building addresses the site directly with an arcade enclosing a major internal axis.  The building to the left of the Church (to the south) is a proposed apartment building.  At the center of the cross axis (and center of the apsidal colonnade), a statue of St. Ignatius of Loyola stands tall, representing Jesuit values and the balance between reflection and service in action.  


Professors: Luis & Gorge Trellis